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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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teacher's aide at the y the past four years. >> of course as an organization we're horrified. we also feel so sad for the community. because clearly they're grieving the fact that someone that they knew and trusted as well as we did would betray them in this way. >> reporter: the y has a strict policy that no staff be allowed alone with a child. the y hired an independent investigator who was on-site at the program today trying to determine how the alleged assaults could have happened. one of the attacks allegedly happened when lurmaney was alone with a girl in a bath room. if convicted he could face life behind bars. and several friends came out to court this afternoon to show their support for lurmaney. they say that he is a good person. we also reached out to his defense attorney but have not heard back from him. police say because lurmaney worked for the ymca for the past four years he may have had contact with hundreds of children. so right now officers are in the
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process of contacting those families to investigate whether there maybe even more victims. reporting live in morgan hill, marian favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. anthony wiener today admitted to having sent more inappropriate messages online. he spoke at a news conference this afternoon saying he will continue his run for mayor. a web site published an interview with a woman who said she had a 6-month-long relationship with wiener this year after his sexting scandal was disclosed. >> this is entirely behind me. in the early days of the campaign people were pressing mere is there more out there? i said yes. i said that there was.
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>> former congressman's wife made her first public remarks on the scandal saying she's forgiven her husband and is moving forward. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes. both before he resigned from congress and after. >> she works as an aide for hillary clinton. presenting the royal baby. prince william and kate middleton providing a photo op of their new baby boy on the steps of a london hospital today. the same steps princess diana stood 31 years ago when william was born. the duchess of cambridge wearing a similar polka dot dress. the celebrations are continuing around london tonight. nbc's danielle lee is live outside buckingham palace with the latest. danielle, it was a moment many folks have been waiting for. >> reporter: it was. and it was quite the exciting moment. now mom, dad and baby are at home resting. no word yet on the name. this prince has only been alive
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one day but he has already lived quite the storied life. this street outside st. mary's hospital echoed with cheers as the smiling new parents emerged this evening holding the young prince tight. prince william shared his enthusiasm before he and kate slipped back into the lindo wing reappearing moments later. this time the little boy was tucked into a new car seat. they drove away to kensington palace. the young heir welcomed his first visitors this afternoon. while leaving the hospital prince charles and the duchess of cornwall told the world they finally got what they'd been waiting for. just about an hour earlier, the middle tons had emerged with a look of pride. >> things went really well. >> reporter: in the prince's honor, gun salutes rained throughout london. in greene park. and from the tower of london.
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bells tolled from westminster abby where the duke and duchess of cambridge married two years ago. and the song congratulations played at buckingham palace during a changing of the guard ceremony. visitors to the palace waited hours to get a close look at the bulletin announcing the boy's birth on a golden easel. >> it's so special. >> amazing news. >> reporter: tourists from around the world joined britain expressing love and enthusiasm for the new monarch. and tomorrow, kate's hometown of bucklebury will offer the prince a special with welcome. the 1,000-year-old church there will toll the bells in his honor. danielle lee, nbc bay area news. back here at home weird weather continues. we're tracking showers, high humidity rates.
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chief meteorologist meteorologist is aftjeff rain quarte rainieri is watching it right now. >> we are way too close to the zone of moisture and instability to completely rule out the possibility of some stray storms for tonight. again the chance is not great, but we can't let our guard down at this point with that area of low pressure helping to spin up some monsoonal moisture. so with that said on top of it it has been humid. temperatures right now in the upper 70s, also low to mid 80s in the east and the south bay. when you take a look at the dew point, the true measure of the amount of moisture in a parcel of air, right now it is considered humid. dew point 60 to 65. it's not unhealthy, not at at dangerous levels which would be at 70 plus but definitely way out of what cck for this time o the year and the bay area for that matter. tomorrow we'll let you know the full timeline on this and a much hotter seven-day forecast coming your way. >> thanks so much, jeff. for the first time in
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months, promising news from apple. it's what investors have been waiting for. our tech reporter scott budman is here with the latest numbers. >> people are still buying a lot of iphones. because of that the apple earning numbers are better than expected tonight. more than 30 million iphones sold over the last three months. wall street did not expect sales to stay that hot. it boosted apple's bottom line for the quarter and sent investors back into the stock in after-hours trading tonight apple up by more than $16 a share. tonight at 6:00 we'll break down all of apple's quarterly sales. beyond apple, the job picture remains very important here in the bay area. lots of tech jobs also lots of people looking for jobs. two came together today at a tech job fair in santa clara sponsored by a sign that literally everyone is looking for qualified techies, we found openings at
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girl r ghirardelli chocolate. >> we have a web site for candidates so they can look at all the 30 job openings we have in the company right now. >> 30 openings at ghirardelli. things of the benefits. dice says the number of companies looking to fill jobs has gone way up over the last few years. that's good news if you're looking for a job. dice says three years ago the typical job fair had go companies and 3,000 job seekers. today we saw a dozen companies and about 300 job seekers pass through. so a much different market. back to you guys. >> thank you, scott. no more midnight walks in the park. san francisco city parks could soon be closed to the public overnight. today supervisor scott wiener introduced legislation aimed at closing all city parks at midnight and then reopening them at 5:00 in the morning. he says metal thefts and vandalism in parks overnight cost the city about $1 million a year. right now some parks have rules set by the rec and parks department but he says they're not easy to enforce. some homeless advocates are concerned the policy would force
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people out of the park and into downtown. still ahead at 5:00, stripping down in downtown san jose. the new plan for a new business that wants to show some skin. and is it justice for pedestrians? a first in the nation decision handed down that deadly cyclist crash. plus he's the man with the plan. why this priest says he's the secret to building some of the coolest technology in the south bay. and good afternoon. i'm jeff rainieri. tracking cloud cover on our skycam network. you can see plenty of cloud cover at the higher levels and fog at lower levels. we'll break it all down for you and let you know what's coming up next in just a few minutes. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm. she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes!
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really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪
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the city of san jose's reputation being tested by a strip club setting up shop downtown. the gold club is getting ready to open at the corner of west
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santa clara and market street a few blocks from city hall. people who have lived and visited san jose might recall the historic building housing that club. it has a permit for serving alcohol. city spokesperson confirms the location is zoned for entertainment, but says not for nudity. >> we won't allow. other cities allow greater states of undress than we will. other cities allow for doors for open to strip clubs. we will not. we don't allow strip clubs at all anywhere in the city. >> so far there hasn't been an opportunity for public comment at city hall because the location has the proper zoning for a club. it's the first in the nation. a bicyclist who killed a pedestrian in a san francisco neighborhood guilty for felony vehicular manslaughter. chris bucerry struck and killed a 71-year-old man last year. prosecutors made a decision to charge him with a felony after evidence showed that he was speeding and riding through stop signs just before the collision. >> given the totality of the
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circumstances, we believe that it rose to the level of reckless negligence and certainly there was sufficient evidence there for us to prosecute the case as a felony. >> bucerry pleaded guilty to avoid jail time but faces 1,000 hours of community service and three years probation when he's formally sentenced next month. in six months a judge can decide whether or not to reduce the conviction to a misdemeanor. the opposite of free parking. cal tran is raising its parking fees. starting september 1st daily and monthly rates will go up 25% increase. they have raised rates only once since 2005 butfares have increased five times during that same period. we want to show you a live picture of interstate 80 and emoriville normal traffic during this time. pretty backed up. authorities are also concerned about i-80 in other parts of the country including iowa, illinois and ohio. not for traffic but for possible speeders and drunk drivers.
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as you know interstate 80 actually runs from the west coast all the way to new jersey. and for the first time ever, law enforcement will join forces for the i-80 challenge, a summertime crackdown on speeders, drunk drivers and distracted drivers. it's going to run for the next eight days. every year nearly 50 people are killed on i-80 just in california alone. with america's cup racing now in its third week of the louis vuitton challenger series, a team from new zealand looks like the favorite. one challenger has yet to race and it's hoping to join the action soon. nbc bay area's l'wren scott has more on that. >> reporter: thank you so much. emirates team new zealand has been so dominant in the racing thus far in this louis vuitton challenger series round robin stage. now soon going to go to the semifinals on august 6th. by that point we're expecting to see artimus racing getting ready
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to join the fray. the kiwis are killing it. with a full ten races now in the books. the kiwi's domination continues. the prestart masterful team, the kiwis take the lead from the start and finish well ahead of the prada boot. this time over seven minutes ahead. the worst defeat yet for the italian team. here's the skipper of the emirates team dean barker. >> we've got to race as hard as we can every time. it's not a case of getting in front and cruising. we want to get in first place and maintain the level that we're sort of trying to achieve is still well above where we are now. >> reporter: meanwhile the swedish artimus racing team has their boat on the water and hopes to join the race. >> the fact we still haven't fired the boat yet and the elimination series starts on the 6th of august, we've got a long way to go.
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i think we're probably in the same position as everyone else, just wondering how we're going to go. >> reporter: and how any of these challengers will catch the kiwi. that's the pressing issue thus far in this summer of racing. and as this summer rolls on, you hear a lot of different terminology. we want to talk about just a little bit of that. you hear me say skipper and helmsman. one thing to keep in mind, dean barker with emirates team new zealand is the skipper and he helmsman. max sorena is the skipper for emirates team, luna rosa team. and chris draper is the helmsman. right now, well, they may need to shift some things out of perspective just a bit here to get back into these races with emirates team new zealand. maybe try something different. the kiwis are taking off with this thing. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, lauren. let's check in with meteorologist jeff rainieri. >> it's been pretty good the
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past couple of days because we've had hotter weather inland and cooler weather at the coastline helping to set up the decent wind today. water temperatures in the mid 50s. we started off with fog. we'll see more of that tomorrow. wind from 10 to 20 miles per hour. definitely a little bit of a sweet spot. i know they like it a little bit gustier. not too bad with a small craft advisory inside the bay with winds at 1 to 3 feet for that lue louie vet ton s louis vuitt. what you'll be able to find here we're still tracking thunderstorms across the see si off shore. it's mostly dry. a few spotty showers this morning. but throughout tonight only a light chance of maybe activity popping up on the radar. 11:00 p.m. we left the thunderstorm icon in there. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s inland. with the humidity it will feel a little uncomfortable to you.
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throughout tomorrow 111::00 a.m mostly sunny skies. a lot more like california through the mid-week forecast. outside right now to the hd sky camera network. i've been hearing from a lot of you the cloud cover how much you love it. it's not typical we get this kind of humidity moving from up the south producing str stratocumulus. in pal lo alto that drier air wl help to make things more comfortable for tomorrow. off to the north an awesome shot here from oakland looking towards san francisco. that marine layer compressed to about 1500 feet. it's still going to be strong enough to stay in that forecast, the fog that is at the coastline tomorrow. let's look at our futurecast. we're not going to see too many changes for wednesday and thursday with that monsoonal moisture. the heaviest of it will be across the sierra. if you're headed up to lake tahoe be aware you could have some small and also strong storms at times there.
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for the bay area mainly dry here as we head throughout thursday with again most of that monsoonal moisture starting to shift out of the bay. temperatures for tomorrow the big news here not only drier air, let humidity, but also going a little warmer. we'll go with 86 here in san jose, 80 in palo alto, 89 in morgan hill and 90 in gilroy. east bay temperatures in the upper 80s, also low 90s. a lot more comfortable for you. 90 in livermore. castor valley with 85 and alomeda 74. definitely chilly here bodega bay 64 degrees. next 24 to 48 hours we'll get high pressure building in for much warmer weather in that seven-day forecast. not too hot, just right. low 90s coming our way for friday, saturday and also on sunday with upper 60s and low 70s expected at our coastline. so the humidity has been good for our skin, bad for our hair.
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but all in all it's going to be out of here as we head throughout tomorrow. is that a little eye roll there? >> this weather is so sticky. >> i know you don't like it. >> thanks for getting it out of here. at the intersection of faith and science. one is the search for truth, the other is the search for what can be proven to be true. >> the two are often at odds. but in tonight's bay area guard we are introduced to a priest who's helping to harness a different kind of higher power. >> you know, the solar decathlon is the name of a competition where students from universities build solar-powered homes that are judged in, you guessed it, ten categories. a team from santa clara university has competed twice coming in third place each time. an incredible achievement considering the larger better-funded schools they compete against. their secret weapon? well, he just might be the subject of tonight's bay area proud.
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>> the catholic church has always done tradition well. step into any mass at the mission church on the santa clara campus and you'll see at least a few things that haven't changed in centuries. step across campus, though, and you'll find something as new and as cutting edge as it gets. and the 75-year-old jesuit priest who bridges both those worlds. father jim reese is an adviser to santa clara's 2013 solar decathlon team. one of 20 from schools around the world competing to build the most efficient, livable and attractive solar home they can. father reese was also an adviser for the school's two previous, very successful entries. no one around here thinks that's a coincidence. >> i've never seen him like down in spirits or tired. he's always like ready to work. >> let me hold this open for
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you. >> whether it's actually doing physical labor all day long or sitting around helping us with designs, things like that. >> apologize. had a technical problem with that story. i wanted you to hear more from father reese. so father reese grew up in southern california. had a love of engineering from a young age. in his grandfather's garage. but at one point god kind of took over and his career path changed. he studied philosophy and theology. became the chair of the religious studies department at santa clara university. didn't teach engineering. but then the solar decathlon came and that got his juices flowing again and he got into it. he's been an adviser on the past two teams. it's amazing what he helps the kids with. these are kids what we call were born digital. know all the technology down flat. what he brings is not only up on technology but the career, a lifetime in knowing about building and engineering and just that sounding board. when the kids come to him and
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say hey let's do this, this and this. he says did you think about this, this and this. and take that. and really what is one of the most interesting things we often don't think of religion and technology coexisting. he says it's the same mission. what he's doing, it's the same mission. make a better world. make a better world for everybody. make an easier place whether you do it from the pulpit, or making more energy-efficient housing. he sees the two collide. >> we'll be able to seat full story on your web site? >> exactly. well, still ahead a close call on the central coast. a jaw-dropping video right up ahead. red wine is supposed to be good for you, but maybe not this time. why an ingredient might do more harm than good.
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he could be losing his base. a new poll says president obama's support among california voters isliping. the field poll out today reveals just 52% of californians approve of the job the president is doing. that's down ten points from 62% in february. president obama's popularity surged after his november re-election. 57% say that overall their opinion is still favorable. researchers say the biggest decline is among registered democrats, independents, women and voters under the age of 40. the laguardia airport is open again after being closed last night following that hard landing of a passenger jet. want to show you exclusive video. the southwest airlines jet nose gear collapsing on touchdown. the plane was hauled off the runway this morning. the black box is now in the hands of the ntsb. there were about 150 people onboard, and ten suffered mine for injuries. we'll be right back with more.
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in health matters, red wine has a lot of benefits, but new research suggests the grapes might also have a drawback. resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant found in red grapes. a university of copenhagen study looked at its effects and showed it may cut down on the impact of high intensity exercise with older men. if they mix it into the mix it
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negatively impacts blood pressure and oxygen intake. the study suggests too many anti-oxidants may actually be bad for you. >> a diver had a very close encounter with two humpback whales over the weekend. the whole thing caught on camera as his buddy laugh is it off. shawn norback and friends jumped in to see if they could hear the lump ba humpback whales underwater. >> i figured i'm going to get hit by the tail. so i tried to get out from underneath from above the tail. and i worked my way over to the boat, got up on the back of it as soon as i could. the other guys said they'd never seen me swim that fast before. i can see why now i watched the video. >> you can hear the other guys laughing, too. the team posted the video on youtube saturday and it's been viewed by nearly 2 million people so far. >> he's happy he got it on video. >> got out of the water is the
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one laughing. >> that's going to do it for us. thanks so much for joining us. >> nightly news up next. on our broadcast tonight, the debut. our first look at the future king of england and his parents, william and kate, beaming and getting used to parenthood. and that includes things like car seats. moment of impact. the feds are now launching a full investigation into the scary and violent landing in new york last night. while we now get to see and hear what it was like on board that southwest flight. paying for college. a surprising new look tonight at how more families are making work without student loans. and how safe are e-cigarettes? they're tobacco-free and smoke-free and they're surging in popularity, along with a lot of questions about what's actually in them. "nightly news" begins now.


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